Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Colin Fournier & Peter Cook. Kunsthaus Graz Austria

On the banks of the river Mur, on the corner of the Südtirolerplatz and the Lendkai. Graz has a new architectural landmark, an extraordinary exhibition hall designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. Kunsthaus Graz, better known as the “friendly alien”, is meant to inspire its curators with an interior as a “black box of hidden tricks”, its outer skin is a media facade which can be changed electronically.
Like a bubble of air, the bluish, shimmering skin of the Kunsthaus floats above its glass-walled ground floor. Spanning up to 60 metres in width, the biomorphic construction envelops two large exhibition rooms without additional supports.
From the surface of the acrylic glass outer "skin", strikingly shaped "nozzles" project outwards to admit daylight: they are inclined to the north and thus provide optimum natural lighting.

Scholssberg Castle

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