Sunday, 30 January 2011

Shadow Play - Models

This was my first model, here I took inspirations from the way that the F1 cars are designed and the way the turbulent air moves over and around the car as is cuts through the wind. I don't think that this is one of my more successful models, as even though it has been constructed well and creates some interesting shadows I don't feel that the model itself is very dynamic in design.

In this second model I decided to experience with wire and mesh as well as card and paper. I wanted to capture the way the drivers feel whilst in the cockpit in this model the way the adrenaline rushes through their body and heart beats race. Again however I don't feel that this model was very successful, it was poorly constructed and due to the wire being so thin it didn't cast very good shadows.

For the model below I took inspiration from the way the air flows over and around the cars as they race around the track. This model gave some really interesting shapes and also reminded me of the race circuits themselves.

I then slightly adapted this model, instead of allowing the viewer to walk in a straight line from point A-B I added more curves to the design and crossing over the pieces of card or "paths" making the viewer spend more time within the space. In turn allowing them to take in the environment and pause for thought.

After looking through some photos as a source of inspiration I decided to try to create a model that reflects the way the environment rushes past the car as it moves around the track, you can often see this on still shot images of the cars in motion. Although a very simple model it created some really nice and long shadows.
 The model below combines features of my most successful previous models.

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